Europe’s most fashionable tech company focuses on the best user experience

Intuitive and intelligent instead of complicated: That’s why Zalando depends on Concur Expense

Zalando’s history tells a unique success story. But as it grew economically, it also grew in complexity, with eight technology sites, ten logistics centres and roughly 4,200 employees who travel as part of their work.

Up until now, travel expense claims were time consuming, riddled with errors and completely lacked transparency.

With Concur Expense, it has been possible to raise the user experience to a new level, with quick, intuitive and transparent processes. Around 4,200 Zalando employees travel regularly and around 1,750 travel expense claims are now processed automatically each month. Reclaiming expenses went from 28 days to 5 days.

“Any company that grows as quickly as us has to offer its employees intuitive applications with an excellent user experience. That way, they can focus on the important matters.”

Daniel Frobeen, Lead Accounting Project and Process Management, Zalando Group


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