Concur Locate

Protect employees by staying aware of events and travel itineraries. Whether the issue is a simple change of plan or a full-blown emergency, Concur Locate enables you to fulfil your duty of care.

Quickly locate and communicate with your employees—wherever they are.

Concur Locate provides a powerful employee risk and safety communication solution that allows you to easily monitor how global events and incidents are impacting your employees.
  • Identify risks and assess their impact
  • Pinpoint employees’ locations and know their travel plans
  • Leverage multiple options for two-way communications
  • Deploy local response teams if necessary

The University of Tulsa uses Concur Locate to ensure the safety of students traveling year-round.”

Jason Grunin
Travel Program Manager
The University of Tulsa

A dynamic support system that can find and reach employees anytime, anywhere.

Concur Locate enables you to assess safety levels and locate all employees—no matter where they are or how they booked their travel—even when travel plans change.

Dynamically map locations and risk levels

Identify employee locations around the world on one multi-source, data-driven map. Know your employees’ whereabouts, travel plans, and capture itinerary changes.

Two-way messaging keeps you in touch

Don’t rely on just one communication option. With Concur Locate, you can use voice, email, SMS or the Concur mobile app and confirm that messages were received and read.

Active Monitoring service to track and respond to changing events

Our Active Monitoring service can track global events that might affect employees and help you take action when they need help.

Know before they go

Concur can help prevent problems by providing pre-travel advisories, incident analysis and reporting, and custom messages and alerts.

Get them to safety

In an emergency, Concur Locate can pinpoint employees’ locations, help you communicate with them, and even send help if necessary, putting boots on the ground through our partner HX Global.

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Concur Locate is a powerful employee risk and safety communication solution that helps you keep your employees safe, wherever they are.

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