Transform Your Government Spend Management for Compliance and Control

As a government employee, you know it’s easy to get lost in pages of rules and regulations. Unfortunately, your travel and expense spend process may not be any easier. For employees, this may look like getting lost in hundreds of expense receipts, loose invoices, or even just a long and arduous policy. And when you have employees initiating transactions through different channels, plus no centralized documentation of it all, complying to those pages of rules and regulations seems impossible.

Not only is it impossible, but also costly. A 2016 report by the Government Accountability Office found that insufficient documentation accounted for $44 billion of government-wide improper payments made in 2016. 

Thankfully, it can be easier. SAP Concur connects your data from every place and every way taxpayer dollars are spent to your core SAP Concur solutions. Working within a secure open platform, you gain deep visibility into spending and actionable insights that help improve compliance and internal controls, mitigating risk of fraud, waste and abuse.

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