Concur Audit: Closing the gap in compliance

T&E compliance is not only a legal requirement it’s also needed for the health and culture of your company. When you adopt the right tools and approach, compliance becomes easier – and you no longer need to dread your T&E process.

Did you know, 10% of travelers have at least one duplicate charge on their expense report? In addition, 20% of employees have at least one non-compliant purchase on their expense report.

Travel and expense (T&E) auditing works. There’s no doubt about that. It catches policy comprehension errors, duplicate claims and non-compliance amongst other things to save your business money. However, where to begin with an audit process is not always as straightforward.

Ultimately, these are the main areas to consider…

Why should you audit?


And why?

Best practice suggests that you audit before your expense claims are approved to only pay for what you really owe. It also gives your employees a chance to correct any mistakes before going to a manager for approval.

We created this Audit best practices eGuide for you to kick start your T&E compliance by auditing. It will help you review your current process or start your auditing journey to see lasting improvements across your business.