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Your internal spending patterns are likely to be complex and time-consuming. Making sure you have visibility and control over your travel, expense and invoice spend can drive business efficiencies.

The benefits of integrated travel and expense management

Since most expense line items are a result of business travel, global and complex companies are increasingly considering the use of one solution to cover both processes.

Let SAP Concur take the pressure off. With integration across the Concur Expense and Concur Travel solutions, managing all this activity becomes much easier.

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Take control of spending to identify VAT reclaim opportunities

Every industry has different VAT requirements and challenges. That’s why SAP Concur tailors services to meet the unique needs of each client.

When you have a consolidated view of spend, and digital evidence of it, it becomes much easier to spot opportunities for VAT reclaim and take back what’s rightfully yours.

Without connected spend, your business could be losing money

If your travel and expense system can’t capture spending wherever or whenever it happens, you’re not managing spend effectively.

Perhaps you’re paying production costs twice or overpaying to reimburse business mileage? Could fraudulent payments to mysterious suppliers be slipping through? See how to plug the gaps.

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SAP Concur connects a variety of spending together in a single solution

Concur Travel and Expense

Offer mobile tools that keep employees productive wherever they are. Plus, discover a more reliable, consolidated view of spend that you can act on.

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Concur Audit

Spot non-compliance in your expense claims using our audit service. Identify opportunities for VAT reclaim to put money back into your budgets.

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Concur Invoice

Streamline payments to avoid penalties and take control of cash flow. Put paper in the past for improved security and productivity.

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Some of the biggest companies in the world use SAP Concur to manage their spending

Wanting to embrace new technology to manage data more effectively, apetito UK worked with SAP Concur to simplify its invoicing process.

SAP Concur helped General Mills standardise compliant processes across their organisation.