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Automating invoice management is a big first step to running more efficient. To do even more with Concur Invoice, our reporting tools provide a clearer, unified view of all spend and offer insights that can help you cut costs, spot trends, and better manage cash flow.

  • Save with early payment discounts and fewer late fees
  • Connect vendor and T&E spend and see liabilities
  • Negotiate better payment terms with vendors
  • Reduce overspending and prepare for future cash needs

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Get customizable reports and insights, all in one place

Our invoice management dashboard makes it easy to spot trends, monitor budgets, and optimize your business.

Top ten vendor spend

See your top ten vendors by spend amount, see payment terms, and the time it took to pay each.

Aging payables

This widget categorizes outstanding payables based on invoice number and total value of each invoice.

Top five expense types

Get quarterly reports on paid invoices for your top five expense types for the year.

PO vs non-PO spend

This tool gives you a breakdown of vendor spend when a purchase order is issued and when it isn’t.

Accrual report

Shows all invoices that have not been assigned to a payment request or have been assigned, but not yet been paid.

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