Gathering Momentum: 5 Ways to Get Further Faster by Maximizing Your Investment

Everyone wants things to get back to normal but what they really want is to get ahead. They want to make up for lost time. They want to move forward.

Getting your organization ready for exponential growth means resetting processes, practices, and preconceived notions about how work gets done. It takes a commitment to continuous improvement. It requires a re-examination of how your business runs and where you want it to go. By building on your existing SAP Concur solutions, you can move forward in speed and efficiency, creating momentum any business would envy.

  • Add pre-purchase approvals, you will not only create an extra layer of cost control but also deliver the data it takes to keep employees safe. Gain foresight into your most critical employee spending before it even happens and meet your duty of care requirements while preemptively managing expenses.
  • Add artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology, and you will improve reviews for all expenses, while speeding up approval processes. Take human error off the table and simplify processes by automating manual steps and eliminating menial work.
  • Add controls over regulatory complexity, and you will be able to take on everything from VAT reclaim to tax and payroll issues with automated efficiency. Leverage intelligent technology to automatically identify VAT-eligible expenses, validate receipts and maximize the amount you can reclaim.

Before you ask “how does it work?”, download the checklist to see some proven best practices.