Quick Tips for Sustainable Travel

Sustainability – from fuel-efficient nonstop flights to electric ground transportation to virtual meetings – is on business travelers’ minds as they start to peer out from behind the pandemic. What are they considering? Here are a few examples based on the data from Sustainability Index and 2021 Global Travel Manager Report:

  • 97% of corporate travelers would increase their journey time if it significantly reduced environmental impact
  • 80% of business travelers are more inclined to work for an organization with a sustainability policy
  • 69% of Travel Managers have updated travel policies or guidelines to have a greater focus on sustainability


Getting to this level of sustainability means building policies, practices and, most importantly, choices into your travel and expense program. And by digitally connecting your data across the entire spending process, SAP© Concur© solutions helps refine that strategy – making sustainability foundational to your program and a critical part of your broader social responsibility plan.

You don’t have to get there overnight.

Sustainable travel is a significant and ongoing endeavor. It isn’t going to happen immediately. SAP Concur solutions help you move at the pace that’s right for you, and you can create different settings for each country, region, or user group – so it works how you need it where you need.

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