2021 Spend Insights Report

It’s time to turn the resilience of the last 12-24 months into something more than powering through. It is time to push forward – to reinvent how challenges are tackled, how change is approached, and how work gets done. To get ahead, we all must be focused on continuous improvement – examine our spending decisions, looking back and how, where, and who in your company spent money and exploring the moments those decisions were made.  

SAP Concur partnered with Oversight to releasee Spend Insights 2021 Report which uncovers the changing business spend patterns and behaviors in 2021 from SAP Concur customer spend data. Key findings include: 

  • Airline, hotel, and restaurant spend all increased significantly with fluctuating business travel in 2021 yet the violation rates remained flat or decreased. 

  • Policy violations got worse year over year and a large portion was driven by familiar categories – expense header keyword match, excessive missing receipts, duplicated mileage submissions, etc.  

  • Exceptions increased in several key areas such as expense receipt and purchase card receipt validation. High out-of-pocket expense exceptions also went up 3.5% YoY.  

Download the report today to learn about the latest spend insights and discover ways to stay on top of spending in the next 12 months.