Wakefield Global Business Traveler results - Benelux 2023

man standing in city

Benelux business travellers cite tension between tightening budgets and employee needs. Even as the logistics of business travel become more subject to economic volatility, 88% of Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg) travellers assert the future of their career depends on successful business travel in the coming year. Nearly 2 in 5 (39%) are very willing to travel for business in the next 12 months (compared to 67% globally and the second lowest of all markets), a slight decrease from 42% last year

The market-specific data in this addendum is part of the SAP Concur survey of 3,850 business travellers. The survey includes travellers from 25 global markets: U.S., Canada, Brazil, Mexico, LAC (Colombia, Chile, Peru, and Argentina), UK, France, Germany, ANZ region (Australia and New Zealand), SEA region (Singapore and Malaysia), China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, India, Korea, Italy, Spain, Dubai, Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg), South Africa, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. 

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