Infographic: How Travelers and Travel Managers Are Navigating the Restart of Business Travel

According to a global survey of business travelers by Wakefield Research, business travelers are worried about returning to travel, but “excited” was the second most common feeling associated with returning to travel. How are they planning on navigating the new normal? And what can travel managers do to support them? Results from the survey – which involved 4,850 business travelers in 23 markets – provides key insights.

  • 33% travelers who use their company’s online booking tool are more excited than travelers who don’t

Travelers expect big changes in the “new normal,” including:

  • Feeling more stressed about travel, with 45% saying they experience the most stress during the trip, rather than before (26%) or after the trip (29%)
  • 96% of business travelers expect their employers to proactively take steps to improve safety and lower the stress of travel.
  • 92% of business travelers expect negative consequences as a result of not being able to travel again

Download the infographic to learn more.